Photographer  |Art director

On June 2023, all of my gear was stolen while I was filming in France. The project I was working on was stored on hard drives, which were taken by the thieves. Over 48 photos, which were meant to be part of a complete story, were lost. Fortunately, I managed to rescue only 19 of them, as I had sent them to my phone the day before. These 19 photos are all I have left of this project that I hold so dear.

Ever since I can remember, I have been obsessed with creating stories. This unfortunate incident marks the beginning of a new chapter in which I find confidence in shooting photos. I want my photos to transcend their individual frames and tell an entire story.

I cannot express my gratitude enough to the people who made this project possible: Laia as MUHA, Julia as stylist and the awesome models (Line, Sofia y Olivia) from Blow Models (special thanks to Berta for for facilitating the incredible casting for this project).

2023 — Noah Pharrell